About Marty

Born in 1960 and raised in Fresno California @ Sierra Skypark (E79) and since I can remember I have had an interest in airplanes and high performance cars. Since I was around aviation every day growing up it was only natural to become more and more interested in how these work. My first meeting with an aircraft I can remember was 3-4 years old when my father would fly us in his Cessna 170B to family events and as I got older snow skiing at Mammoth and June mountains in the eastern sierras was a normal weekend event. Dad upgraded to a Cessna 182A and the trips into the high sierras were easy. Dad kept an old Jeep at the airport to get us to the ski lodge.

Then as I grew older a job was found at Sierra Skypark with Frank Ruiz Avionics. Starting out just cleaning airplanes and the shop/hangar areas soon grew into antenna installs and wiring harness fabrication as well as bench harnesses and in flight adjustments. Frank and his wife Becky were very patient with me and as I grew with the company they kept me employed, then they finally outgrew the small airport shop/hangar where I grew up and moved into Fresno Chandler downtown (KFCH) airport. I continued to work there until out of high school.

As I left high school I became interested in automotive areas. I attended Fresno City College automotive training and graduated with a California State certificates in Emission controls, Brake and Lamp and tune up as well as alignments and drivability.I also attended the ASE school and obtained an ASE Master technician certificate. Over the next 12 years I worked at several shops and dealers in California doing this type of work on almost every car from Volkswagen beetles up to Lamborghini Countachs. I also obtained state board certification to be a emission control inspector for the state of California and performed smog control inspections on cars and trucks in California.

Soon I found industrial equipment to be better paying with less state licensing issues and fees. So I went to work on Forklifts for Graylift in Fresno, then on to Nissan forklift and eventually Quinn Caterpillar which was also a Crown forklift dealer.

After a while at Quinn Caterpillar/Crown in Fresno, Ca. I was offered a position at Crown global HQ in New Bremen, Ohio. Off we went in a hurry to Ohio. I worked 5 years as a Technical Service rep for Crown Forklifts in Ohio. Then due to a corporate wide layoff I took a month in Kansas at Career pilot school and got my CFII and IGI certificates so now I can teach pilots from students to other instructors as well as Instrument pilots. I have started working for Miami Industrial Trucks a Caterpillar/Mitsubishi Forklift dealer in Dayton, Ohio as their Director of Safety and Training, I plan on doing flight training on the weekends and evenings.

One thing became evident right away, in the state where the Wright Brothers grew up, aviation is alive and well.

So I started looking for an aircraft of my own, I found a 1969 Piper Arrow and proceeded to fix it up and used it to get my Instrument rating in 2006 and then my Commercial certificate in 2008. I sold the Piper Arrow for a 1987 Beechcraft Bonanza in May of 2008 to give us more speed and room.

I have a BS in Aviation Technology as well as a Masters in Aviation Management.

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